Petrified Wood Meaning, History, Healing Properties, Uses and Cleansing

Petrified wood is basically plant material that has gone through fossilization and changed into stone over the long run. The expression “Petrified” begins from the Greek word petra, “significance stone, mirroring the course of wood transforming into stone.”Petrified Wood Healing Properties” Otherwise called fossilized wood, Agatized wood, and silicified wood, Petrified Wood is much of the time viewed as a sacrosanct remnant from an earlier time, at first framed by saving old plant material like goliath sequoias or other old trees. It is believed that old precursors, such as the Etruscans of Italy, used Petrified wood to create handcrafted artifacts. Present-day disciples of Etruscan customs view Petrified wood as a connection to the past, utilizing it to summon old recollections.

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