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Amethyst: Meaning, Properties & Benefits

A purple variety of quartz that is a semi-precious gemstone and a member of the hexagonal crystal structure is called amethyst.

Turquoise Ring: Wholesale Silver Gemstone Turquoise Ring From Rananjay Exports

Turquoise Ring is a calming and grounding gemstone that soothes from every angle to its user. The greenish-blue colored gemstone symbolizes protection, wisdom, and prosperity...

Buy Wholesale Sterling Silver Turquoise Ring

Glam up your look by investing in beautiful Turquoise Ring. Since ancient civilizations, people have worn it to protect themselves from evils/negative energy.

Why Does 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Tarnish And How To Prevent It?

Sterling silver jewelry is one of the hottest jewelry trends for the past few years, and I don't see it going anywhere in the near...

Seven Essential Things for Starting an Online Wholesale Jewelry Business

Being an online jewelry wholesaler, you must face various challenges at every step. But you're determined to keep moving forward by overcoming every difficulty and...

Everything About Turquoise Ring Meaning, Cost, and Healing Properties

Improve communication skills and enhance outer beauty by wearing an appealing December birthstone Turquoise Ring. It has bluish-green color and spider web-like patterns on it....

Everything About Larimar Meaning, Cost, and Healing Properties

Larimar is a calming stone that depicts the depths of the clear blue gigantic ocean. It gives the feeling of the golden sun rays becoming...

How Much Is Opal Stone Worth?

Opal gemstone is considered so priceless that people are even using it in their engagement rings! However, in this blog, we'll focus on this brilliant...

Birthstone Jewelry for January – The Ultimate Guide for Retailers

The new year is coming and bringing with it new hopes and happiness. People will be excited to get the birthstone jewelry for January and...

Ethically Sourced Gemstones for Wholesale Jewelry Manufacturers (Little Changes That Will Make a Big Impact)

Ethically sourced gemstones for wholesale jewelry business consists of gems that, when mined or extracted, does not damage the environment or the people involved in...

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